Refund Policy

When you purchase CityBLD, we want to do all we can to ensure that it meets your expectations. Sometimes though, it's not the best tool for a job. We want you to be able to test and explore with zero risk, so we will fully refund you in almost all cases!

There are a few limits we need to place to prevent abuse of this system. These are listed below.

The fine print

These are the cases in which a refund request will be denied.

Too earlyYou need time to make a decision! Refund requests made within 6 hours of purchase, or without downloading CityBLD, will be denied.
Too lateIf you're using CityBLD over a long period of time, it's worth the buy! Refund requests made over 30 days after purchase will be denied.
IrrelevantThis is a question of whether CityBLD is right for you! Refund requests irrelevant to CityBLD, i.e., need money for unexpected expenses, bought on impulse, etc., will be denied.
Already doneWe'll refund your first purchase only! Refund requests made after already receiving a refund and buying again will be denied. Requesting a refund and immediately purchasing again at a lower price is considered abuse of the system and may result in a suspended account.