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  • What is CityBLD?
    CityBLD is a complete city creation toolkit for Unreal Engine 5. In combination with a few handcrafted details, CityBLD will be able to generate everything you need to get a game-ready city up and running.
  • When will CityBLD be released?
    CityBLD is being rolled out in groups via our Waitlist. This allows us to provide high quality support, fix more bugs, and get feedback from users to deliver the best possible tool. CityBLD will be publicly released on March 18, 2024. Users who have signed up before then can expect earlier access.
  • What types of cities can I create with CityBLD?
    By default, CityBLD offers the best results with modern American or European style cities, but the tools are designed in such a way that with only slight modification you can create virtually any city in existence - be it an ancient port town, sci-fi metropolis, or something even more abstract!
  • How does CityBLD work?
    The guiding principle behind CityBLD’s workflow is this: quality of input = quality of output. When you are working with CityBLD, the first thing you need to consider is your input, contained in a City Kit(a collection of presets for everything from streets, to buildings, to sidewalks). Once you have loaded the right City Kit for your project, the rest of the process is very quick. The workflow begins with the generation of a Streetmap, which sets the scene for the building process. From there, users can then generate city blocks within the Streetmap, followed by Lots(plots of land allocated for a specific purpose), Building Shapes on the Lots, and finally modular buildings based on the Building Shapes. This four-step process is all that you need to master to create your first city.
  • Does CityBLD support curved roads?
    Yes! Any road layout that you'd find in the real world can be created in CityBLD with no issues. Buildings can also be generated seamlessly along curved roads.
  • Does CityBLD support slopes and uneven terrain?
    Yes, CityBLD can generate cities on any(realistic) slope!
  • Does CityBLD generate interiors?
    Yes, interior generation is in development and will be included in version Beta 0.3.
  • What versions of Unreal does CityBLD support?
    The latest version of CityBLD supports 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3.
  • Is CityBLD suitable for Unreal Engine beginners?
    Yes! We are passionate about making creativity accessible. CityBLD is meticulously designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, ensuring even beginners can create mind-blowing scenes using the plugin. While intermediate knowledge of Unreal Engine is needed to fully utilize CityBLD's functionality, anyone can get started generating cities with just a few clicks. No programming knowledge or Unreal experience needed!
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